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3 Ways The Merchandiser® System Can Improve Food Safety Culture in Your Organization

  • Posted — June 26, 2020

Food Safety Culture speaks to an organization's behavior when no one is watching. It consists of the organization’s attitudes, beliefs, practices, and values around ensuring their products are safe. Food Safety Culture starts with a commitment from management and the proper food safety training for staff members. There are additional ways to be proactive when it comes to Food Safety Culture. Fresh and clearly labeled products can instantly show customers your organization cares about the safety of your products and displays essential information, such as date codes and allergen information. Being proactive about food safety culture can help those in the food industry avoid costly recalls and a food safety crisis.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the U.S. transformed the role of labeling from a means to communicate information to a key public health driver. The intentions behind FSMA are to prevent foodborne illnesses instead of responding to an incident. According to the CDC, about 48 million people in the US (1 in 6) get sick each year from foodborne diseases.

At M&M Label Company, we care about your health and safety, and the health and safety of your customers. Our integrated software solution, The Merchandiser® (update to live website link) prints custom labels on demand with variable ingredient, nutritional, and other important data. This system can help to improve food safety culture in your organization in three key ways:

1. Traceability

Traceability includes the ability to print date codes, lot codes, QR codes and all types of bar codes, including GS1. The ability to add tracing information to a label format gives our customers better traceability on retail packs and case labeling.

2. Allergen Identification

For allergen identification, The Merchandiser can also print symbols and seals which clearly call attention to allergens. It can also tie into many different programs and import ingredients and allergens directly from the software where a chef / operations manager enters them.

3. Reduction in human error

For our networked customers, data entry is done in one place and fed to The Merchandiser. Since the data is not manually entered by a user, this can help to reduce human error when it comes to things such as ingredients, allergens, “best buy” dates, lot codes, date codes and barcodes. We can also lock fields so that users cannot change data that is fed to The Merchandiser with scale management software. Minimizing the number of places where data entry happens reduces human error.

Improve your Food Safety Culture today with The Merchandiser System

The Merchandiser is a great tool to help create and support a positive Food Safety Culture. Contact us today at 800-637-6628 or for a demonstration of how our system can improve your Food Safety Culture.

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