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Food and Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage industry in the US has been growing and has been an essential part of our economy for over 10 years, far outpacing GDP growth. It is projected to reach 8.4% growth in 2020, with more than 99.6 million users and more than $12 million in revenue ( Food and beverage label printing and packaging is diverse and evolving, including freshness protection, security labels, differentiation on the shelf, appealing display, and brand protection.

Food Service / Commissary

Custom labeling is essential to the food and beverage industry to display essential information about your product while showcasing your brand. The food and beverage market is dominated by standard pressure-sensitive paper labels, followed by variable information paper labels, white films, specialty papers, other synthetic materials, and a variety of adhesives. These materials must adhere to FDA requirements, all while acting as the first point of contact between your product and a potential customer.

The Merchandiser® provides the means to create or upgrade your store branding for eye-catching appeal. It can print on various shapes and sizes to meet your requirements. Your merchandising program can enhance your labels with tag lines, heating instructions, and cross-merchandising phrases. You will achieve a label that is attractive and informative, all while meeting the FDA required labeling elements.

Applications include prime labels, produce labels, weigh scale labels and organic / non-GMO labels. M&M Label Company can help determine which material and adhesives are right for your application.

Food Beverage Labels

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