The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently made changes to nutrition facts labeling formats. The nutrition facts label is the useful label on the box of your food item that helps consumers to make educated decisions during the purchasing process. However, nutrition facts labels haven’t had a major update in over twenty years and much of the research that has been conducted during this time has caused the FDA to refocus its efforts on current trends and new facts.

Added Sugar

One of the biggest changes is the ability to finally calculate added sugar, or sugar that does not occur naturally in a food or drink. While public health organizations have been recommending daily limits to added sugar for years, it was difficult to calculate this on the old labels. This is because sugars were all lumped together, so added sugars and naturally occurring sugars were listed as one figure. Consumers will now be able to see added sugar separated as its own information. 

Serving Size

Another development is that serving sizes will now reflect the amount that consumers are actually eating. Previously, the labels were broken down by suggested portion size, which is often much less than what people eat in reality. This will help to give more accurate information and may lead to improved eating habits while preventing overeating.

Calories from Fat

Calories from fat will also be reported differently. Old labels calculated the percentage of calories from fat to suggest that all fat is the same. New data shows that calories from fat are not as important as the type of fat you are consuming. For instance, studies show that mono and polyunsaturated fats may help with weight loss and disease prevention, while saturated fats may actually increase your risk for disease. 

Total Calories 

Total calories will now be harder to ignore as well. Calories from different products will now be shown in two ways – the total calories per serving and the total calories if you consume the whole package. Showing these figures in bold print will draw the eyes of the consumer and cause them to reconsider whether the calorie consumption is worth it. 

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